– Confirm you American Express Card Now


The American Express is one of the prominent financial corporation facilitating individuals with various financial services around the globe. The Company offers a huge variety of cards, each created for a different lifestyle. Each card comes with a distinctive set of perks and benefits which are customized specifically according to the particular needs of customers.

Why choose an American Express credit card?

The express cards offered by the Company come with a wide range of services and can help the consumers with their specific credit card requirements. Plus, the cardholders can charge cards of partner companies, given you pay the full monthly balances. Users also get the option of carrying forward the balances of a month or so. In case you complete the carries within a month you’ll have a chance of earning various benefits and bonuses. This will also give you the flexibility of the partner cards and payment terms.

Types of American Express Cards will give you plenty of options for express cards. You can easily find a card according to your particular requirement. However, it is necessary to consider the terms and conditions when choosing one for your needs. Here is the list of various express cards offered by the Company –

  • American Express Blue Card – It is ideal for the individuals who like to keep frequent checks on their account balance. You can reap the benefits of transfer credit cards through the American Express Blue Card.
  • American Express Gold Card – The American Express Gold Card takes care of all the basic financial needs of the Cardholder. Plus, you’ll get enough credits, perks, protections, and for improving your travel experience. On using this card you just have to bear a nominal amount of annual fee.
  • American Express Blue Sky Card – The Blue Sky Card from the American Express offers the benefit of guest card to the cardholders. In addition, it facilitates the users with 5% cash with 0% APR (valid for first six months from the date of card issue).
  • American Express Platinum Card – Offering various premium and elite to its users, the Platinum Card is perfect for the ones who travel abroad frequently. Cardholders get redeemable sign up bonus and reward points for shopping, travel, and gift cards.

It is advised to gather complete information of the various American Express credit cards offered by the company. There are high possibilities to earn some points and rewards through the offers. It is best to visit card for confirming your express credit cards before using it.

Online procedure for confirming your American Express card

Here is step by step guide to get American express confirm card.

  1. First open the American Express’s official site by opening this link in your browser – using the below given button.
  2. Once you reach the website find an express card sample (usually it’s in blue color) and enter the required details.
  3. The next page will take you to the login page of Click on “Login“, if you already a member otherwise reach out for the “Register a new account” option.
  4. New users have to give their personal details for creating an account on the site. You will have to enter your Full name, Age, Contact number, Date of birth, Email address, and Address in the given registration form.
  5. Check the details to make sure you have filled in the right information. Next, sign up for the American Express card.
  6. Select a password and username for your account. Go for easy to remember details as it will be required in the future.
  7. You are almost done. As soon as you click on “Finish” you’ll be redirected to the confirmation page- American page which means your AMEX card is confirmed.

NOTE – The personal details provided by users are kept highly confidential. The Company makes no compromises with the security of the information. Also, American Express never asks for the card info of its users. Do not share these details with anyone.

Confirming American Express card using phone

You can easily get AMEX confirm card on the phone if you do not wish to take the website route. Simply call American Express card confirmation toll free number – 1800-362-6033 and get your card confirmed.

Go through the following if you still not clear about this procedure.

  • Call on 1800-362-6033 to connect with an American Express customer support executive.
  • You’ll be asked about the type of AMEX card you are having.
  • Just answer it and follow up as suggested by the executive.
  • Viola! Your card is activated and confirmed.

FAQs American Express confirm card

Here is the list of frequently asked American express com confirmcard questions and answers –

  1.  Is it compulsory to get the express credit card confirmed online?

Yes, else your American Express card won’t work in offline/online stores.

  • Is the card confirming process difficult?

No, it is easy to get the card confirmed. Simply follow the steps listed above in this article.

  •  Does it take too long to get the confirmation?

No, your card will be confirmed instantly as soon as you place the request either through website or on phone.

  • How to deal with the website errors that occurring during the process?

Try after sometime if you are encountering errors like website not responding. Feel free to contact American Express customer support in case you are facing trouble even after following the steps listed under ‘Online procedure for confirming your American Express card’.

  • How can I verify the website’s authenticity?

To ensure authenticity of American Express’s website first check the URL. It should be Also, make sure the address bar has a green lock button with ‘American Express Company (US)’ appearingin green letters next to it [as the site is SSL certified]. This certified the authenticity of americanexpress com confirmcard.

  • Is there provision for increasing my credit limit?

Yes, you can get your credit limit increased after six months of card issue/confirmed.

Call the customer support executives on 1‑800‑954‑0559 – for domestic / 1‑801-449-4019  – for International in case you get stuck with AMEX card confirming process.